A Study of the Perceptions Held by Information Technology Professionals in Relation to the Maturity, Value, and Practical Deployment of Big Data Solutions

  • Damon Andrick Runion Universidad Central de Nicaragua
Keywords: Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Data Management, Management Information Systems, Information Technology Professionals


This research study investigated relationships between an information technology (IT) professional's self-assigned understanding of big data and their assessment of the maturity, value, hype, and future trends of big data. The study also examined if there was any relationship between an IT professional's understanding of big data and the position they occupy professionally. The study consisted of a twenty question survey. Research findings indicate that IT professionals are still becoming familiar with big data and related technologies. The results supported rejecting two of the five hypotheses. The study produced evidence that there is a relationship between an IT professional's level of big data understanding and their expectation that there will be an increase in technological developments related to big data in the near future.