The Architectural Network for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

  • Anindya Sundar Panja Vidyasagar University
  • Shiboprosad Mandal Vidyasagar University
  • Bidyut Bandyopadhyay Vidyasagar University
  • Smarajit Maity Vidyasagar University
Keywords: Secondary structure, Evolution, Algorithm, Tool, programme


Over the past 25 years, the accuracy of proteins secondary structure prediction has improved substantially. Recently evolutionary information taken from the deviation of proteins in some structural family have again enhance prediction accuracy for all these residues predicted correctly is in one of the three sates helix, strands and others . The new methods developed over the past few years may be interesting in context of improvements which is achieved through combination of the existing methods. Evolutionary divergences profile posses’ adequate information to improve protein secondary structure prediction accuracy. These profiles can also able to correctly predict long stretches of identical residues in other secondary structure. This sequence structure relationship may help to help to developed tool which can efficiently predict the protein secondary structure from its amino acid sequence.