The Relationship between Leader Empowering Behavior and Affective Organizational Commitment: A Research among Nurses

  • Yasemin Küçüközkan, Dr.
  • Evin Kırmızıtoprak
  • Yusuf Kizir
Keywords: Leader Empowering Behavior, Affective Organizational Commitment, Nurses


The current study investigated the relation of leader empowering behaviors with affective organizational commitment through a survey among nurses working in private hospitals in Turkey. It was hypothesized that the higher the individuals feel their leaders/supervisors empowering behaviors the more they commit to their organizations affectively. Therefore, this study was conducted to examine the relationship between perceived leader empowering behaviors and nurses’ affective commitment perceptions. A research study was performed on a sample of 255 nurses who were working in private hospitals. The findings showed that there is a positive significant relationship between perceived leader empowering behaviors and affective commitment perceptions of nurses.